Sunday, March 6, 2011

Minnie Mouse Centerpieces

Besides my part time job and family responsibilities I have been SUPER busy in the last couple of weeks fulfilling minnie mouse orders on my etsy site.  I had planned on being done preparing for my daughters party way ahead of time.  But I loved my invitations so much that I thought everyone else would too.  And they did.  So I had about 200 of those to make and mail out.  Then I thought, well these minnie mouse headbands are easy to make I bet people will like them too.  And they did.  So I had about 100 of those to make and mail out.  Might I add, that when 10 seem like a really easy project, 100 is not necessarily that easy.  And I have made nothing but the invites for Payton's party. WHY do I do that to myself??!?
Anyway, this week I wanted to get started on a new craft to link up with.  So I got this inspiration from Heavenly Blooms.  It is a minnie mouse centerpiece:)

2 small-medium styrofoam balls    $1.00 Dollar Tree
1 medium-large styrofoam balls    $3.25  Walmart
Black Paint
Pink & white polka dotted ribbon  $0.30/each centerpiece
Misc. Flowers                                  $2.00 Dollar Tree
Flat styrofoam piece                       $1.00 Dollar Tree

Step One:


Paint the styrofoam black.  I discovered that spray paint makes the styrofoam disintegrate.  If you have any tips regarding that please share with the rest of us:)  So I just used craft paint and a paint brush.

Step Two:
I used tooth picks to attach the small balls to the larger one using hot glue on each end.  Then did the same thing to attach Minnie Mouse to the base.  You could use heavy cardboard or anything you had for the base.

Step Three:
Then glue miscellaneous flowers around the base to cover it.  I just used dollar tree flowers in coordinating colors.

HERE is the finished result along with a pic of Payton watching mommy.  She's even got her minnie mouse nightgown on:)

Happy Crafting:

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Alison @ said...

Those are so cute! We love Minnie Mouse at our house.

Tina said...

gasp - this is so cute.
I am going to send this off to my friend...she is so looking for a minnie themed party and ideas.

cute little girl too.

pretty paper posies

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Very cute... my friend just had a Minnie bday for her daughter and would have loved this!

By the Bluegrass said...

What a cute and creative idea!

Kim @ KimsKandyKreations said...

What a great idea. I've been thinking of having a Mini party for a birthday coming up. This is the cutest centerpiece! Thanks so much for sharing.

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