Friday, March 25, 2011

Minnie Mouse Pinata

Oh, it's been a while since my last post.  I don't really know what I've been up to, but I've been busy:)  Well the big party is this weekend!!  My baby girl is turning 3.  I'm very excited and very sad:(  My babies are growing up and WAY too quick.

So the last project is a Minnie Mouse Pinata.  I got the idea from here . 

Step One:          I used a pyrex bowl to make minnie's head and a smaller bowl for the ears,  just slightly overlapping the ears.

Step Two:  Cut them out:)

Step Three:  Cardboard can be rounded out as such, so that it can be bent around the Minnie Head.

Step Four:     Then I hot glued the edging to one piece of the Minnie Head and also hot glued a string inside.  Notice that the top is not fully closed.  This is so that you can put your treats inside:)

Step Five:  On the bottom I left a whole that looks like this for the treats to fall out of.  But then I covered the entire thing with black tissue paper, so that you can't see the box or the whole.  When the little ones poke through the tissue paper, the surprises will come out!!

Step Six:  Use paper streamers to style it up a little:) Then just put the junk in the hole at the top and hang it up.

Look back this weekend for a minnie mouse cake and a birthday party recap!

Happy Crafting:)

OHH, & GO UK!!!!!!!

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Jenifer said...

oh my heck.... that is dang cute! Thanks for sharing the idea. I think we'll have to do that for my daughter's #3 bday :)

Jessica S. said...

It was a big hit. The one tip I would give after actually using it is to put 3, maybe four layers of tissue paper over the hole. The first bigger kid to hit it made it bust. So it would be more fun with some more reinforcement!

Krystine Stephenson said...

That is so fun! It turned out way cute, you did a great job!

HOMEmomMADE said...

love it! Great job thanks

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~ Christy