Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Covered Lampshade

I found a chandelier at Goodwill that I'm am in the process of re-doing for Payton's room in our new house.  But I couldn't find any cute lampshades to go with it.  The only ones that were cute enough cost about $10 a piece & I needed 5 of them.  So I found some green ones at Wal-mart for $2.50.

So I just took that ugly green material off and was left with a blank canvas!  I went to Hobby Lobby and found material that goes right along with her new bedding that I found at JC Penney.
I searched the internet for an actual pattern to make the cover for this lampshade.  BUT.... I never found one.  Just tips on how to make your own pattern.  So that is what I did.  You put your lampshade seam on a big piece of paper or cardboard and ROLL it around until you end up back at the same seam.  All the while you will be tracing it as it rolls, top & bottom. 

You can see where I started.

 And then you roll the shade &  trace the edge.

Until you get back to the seam.

Then I cut out my template and used it to trace onto my fabric.

Once I had my material cut out I used Elmer's Glue Spray Adhesive to attach the material to the original lamp shade.  This worked like a charm because it is initially repositionable so that you can smooth out any wrinkles.  Let me also say at this point that I originally tried to use scrapbook paper to cover the shade.  It was not nearly as giving as the material was and much harder to smooth out the edges.  It would work a lot better though if you were just making your own shade rather than covering an existing one. 
Once I had the lamp shade covered in fabric, I put ribbon around the top and bottom to cover the metal.
And there is the final project.  I think it turned out very cute.  So instead of spending $10 a piece,  I barely spent $15 for all five lampshades!  I don't have time today but I will scan in my pattern so that everyone can use it.  It is not as easy as you would think to trace a lampshade.  Did I mention that I can't wait to get into my new house!  We're supposed to be in by the end of June.  And I have SOO many projects to complete before then;)

Happy Crafting!

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