Friday, May 6, 2011

Hand-Carved Soap

I saw this idea over at The Idea Room .  And since I'm getting ready to make several creations to go along with my new guest bathroom (see what's going on here) I thought I would try to make my own hand-carved soap.  Let me just tell you that although it didn't take but about 5 minutes, I don't know if I'll be making any more carved soap.  I hate to clean & this is MESSY:)

Step One:

I used my Silouhette machine to cut out the monogram stencil seen on the left.  I had gotten some Zest soap on sale at Kroger about 2 months ago for 99 cents.  And when I opened it up,  its the same color as my bathroom!!

Step Two:
I then used a safety pin to trace around the monogram.  This particular soap is soft and it was very easy to trace and carve.  And in the second picture you can see what it looked liked after I removed my stencil.

Step Three:

Close your safety pin and use the small end to carve out around the letter, being very careful around the smaller sections.  You can then use a moist q-tip to smooth out the carving marks.  I learned all these tips from The Idea Room.  So check out her site if you haven't already.

Finished Project:

For a first attempt, I'll take it! 

Happy Crafting & stay tuned for more Guest Bathroom creations.

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