Saturday, October 15, 2011

Payton's Goodwill Chandelier

Waaaayyyy back in May I started revamping a chandelier that I got at Goodwill.  I knew I wanted a cutesy, princess-like light fixture for Payto's new room and hoped I could turn this, into just that!  I wish I had taken pictures of the "before" BUT I forgot.  So you can picture it.  It was BRASS.  You know the ones.  They fill Goodwill shelves everywhere and if you've been alive for more than 15 years, one of these used to hang in your house or atleast your grandparent's house!

I first took everything apart.  A good note would be to draw a diagram about what came from where!  My husband had a funny little joke about me trying to be Martha Stewart while the electrician was putting it back together.  Good thing the electrician is my uncle!  After that, I taped off everything that didn't need to be painted, like the inside of the light socket.
I put on 2 coats of spray paint and that's all it took!

And here is the finished product...................

I think it turned out great!  And if you need a reminder about how I covered those lamp shades you can check out my previous post HERE.

Happy Crafting!!

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