Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guest Bathroom

Our new house will be done in a month or two and I thought I should be putting some colors together.  Why did I pick the guest bathroom first you ask??  Because I found a shower curtain that I liked.  That's it.  The only reason I started there.

The background is the color of the walls.  You can see the tile behind the vanity which will be laid at a diagonal on the floor.   The vanity is from Lowes.  I like that it has the appearance of a piece of furniture, but still has a toe kick.  I worried about cleaning under the vanities that actually had feet.  I think that would be a pain, especially since I HATE to sweep:)  The shower curtain I bought at Walmart for about $18.  I love it!  I'm going to carry that color blue into the guest bedroom.  But we'll get there another day.

The bathroom that is attached to bedroom/study is the one we're talking about today.

Let me know what you think! 

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